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Place of Performance: El Paso, TX

General Description:
Monitor/Caregiver shall provide services to detainees classified as Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) and Family Units (FMUA). You shall provide routine, non-technical work to foster the well-being of the UAC and FMUA.

Specific Tasks:
• Responsible for the operation and cleaning of the Shower Facilities and the care of children and infants.
• Coordinate the collection and bagging of dirty laundry.
• Issue and collect Government-furnished shower/hygiene supplies.
• Monitor (i.e., maintain visual contact) at all times all detainees going into and out of showers, from start to finish, taking care to adhere to DHS regulations implementing the Prison Rape Elimination Act.
• Assist in bathing children, as required.
• Provide personal protective equipment (PP&E) supplies.
• Responsible for storing Government-furnished clothing in designated shelves and issuing it to UAC detainees while the detainees’ clothing are being washed.
• Maintain a safe working environment, observing and encouraging adherence to safety rules and health guidelines.
• Maintain inventory of the clothing, towels, and hygiene kits available for use and notify USBP staff of any low-inventories in order to initiate procurement actions.
• Assist with the general care of children to include monitoring, changing diapers, assisting with toilet use and hand-washing, feeding when a child is not able to feed him or herself, and identifying and tending to other similar basic needs of children as they arise, all duties being performed at a level of quality and according to industry safety standards commensurate with those required of caregivers employed at state-licensed daycare facilities in the State of Texas.
• Help with distribution of meals as delivered to facility.

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