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Intervention Specialist

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We are looking for an analytical, empathetic Intervention Specialist to assist us with designing and implementing individualized programs for children with special educational and social adjustment needs. The Intervention Specialist will consider factors such as language, sexual orientation, developmental level, religion and health status when making recommendations. You will create and maintain records of progress, and collaborate with parents to refer children to psychologists and other therapists.

To ensure success you need to make informed observations and design effective programs. Preferred applicants are knowledgeable, compassionate and have outstanding observation skills.

Intervention Specialist Responsibilities:

Assessing children's individual needs.

Collaborating with various parties to design individualized programs.

Collaborating with teachers and other parties to share subject matter with children.

Ensuring students are supervised in classrooms and other settings at all times.

Ensuring children are safe and occupied.

Employing suitable classroom management techniques.

Keeping records of lesson plans, and records of children's performance.

Collaborating with parents to refer children to psychologists and other therapists, and to link them with recommended services.

Complying with Individualized Education Programs (IEP).

Intervention Specialist Requirements:

Bachelor?s degree in special education.

Valid Substitute Teaching permit.

Experience working with children with special needs.

Ability to design effective programs for diverse children.

Proficient knowledge of classroom policies and procedures.

Completion of criminal background check.

Outstanding communication skills.

Strong people skills and affinity for children.

Excellent observation and analytical skills.

Available to work extended hours to have meetings with parents.

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