Rare Blood Diseases Value And Access Manager

Rare Blood Diseases Value And Access Manager


Rare Blood Diseases Value And Access Manager

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Adapts and implements global Market Access strategy, plans and tactics at the national level to ensure access optimization and pricing in line with country objectives, taking into account local and environmental regulations.
Ensures alignment with local Market Access functions and local cross-cutting teams to build and adapt successful access strategies and tools for the benefit of Sanofi.
It also oversees local tactical products in the scope of V&A.
He is responsible for the Affiliate level development of the Market Access Blueprint (adapting the Global Market Access Blueprint to the needs of the local level).
KPI INDICATORS (Key Performance Indicators)
Elaborate and lead the market access strategy through:
Prioritization of payers and influencers.
Implement high quality value messages and fieldwork that address payers' needs.
Linkage with interested networks at regional level.
Working closely to support the development of research and projects in access support. Including economic models of health, epidemiology, patient outcomes, payer environments, competitive intelligence and any other factors that may guide global and local market marketing and pricing strategies.
Responsible for KAM/KIM/Reps training on the value proposition and the payer's environment.
Have an adequate knowledge of the products in charge.
Know the composition of the market, its functioning and regulations.
Build and develop relationships with key people and decision makers.
Identify market access solutions for challenging scenarios (e.g., innovative agreements, contracting models, disease management programs, etc.).
Knowledge of competing products.
Gather regional information through fieldwork to access the market.
Develop and maintain a solid understanding of prices and reimbursement criteria used by payers in the local market to make decisions about the payer's strategy, plans and tactics.
Develop strategies for the implementation of the Patient Support Program.
Key contact with business units.
Generate reports with relevant information to inform about the additional values of the products.
Provide information on product forecasts, including strategic, operational and financial forecasts.
Develop and coordinate the timely implementation of deliverables (value dossiers, economic models, activities of participation with the payer, etc.).
Report to the department the possible people who have focus to be part of the Market Access team.
Education: Professional in Economics, Business Administration, Engineering, Medicine or Marketing. Specialization or programs as graduates in Health Economics, Epidemiology or Health Administration.
Experience & knowledge: Experience in the pharmaceutical industry where you have extensive knowledge about: Government structure and public policies, complementary private market, concepts of health economics and their applicability. It is desirable to have experience as a payer, as a manager in health entities or health care institutions. This position requires strong strategic and leadership skills, as well as analytical skills to translate clinical information and messages into payer access strategies.
Language: Advanced English
Excellent organizational and communication skills.
Ability to work in a team, bringing creative ideas and positive energy to the group.
Clearly understands payers and their perspective, as well as pricing and reimbursement trends.
Strong scientific basis that allows you to assess the impact of payer strategies and the ability to challenge clinical development or medical issues or other relevant stakeholders.
It has an extensive and established network of payer contacts.
Ability to identify the key advantages of the products in charge in the contexts of market requirements and provides key ideas to generate value for these.
Has competitive intelligence to identify early market opportunities and threats.
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