Web Developer : Advance Level/Full Stack

Web Developer : Advance Level/Full Stack


Web Developer : Advance Level/Full Stack

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Position: Web Developer : Advance level or Full Stack
We are looking for Full Stack/Advance Web Developer Full:Stack
Developers are the ones who knows important things about web
development like below : : Understanding Customers and Business
need and do what is necessary without order. : Someone who
knows what to do and how to do. : Who knows things about web
development, management, backup and how to keep it running. ?
Project Planning ? So, he knows when to set the deadline of the
task. ? Development ? Who knows everything that takes to
complete a site and its functionality. ? System ? LEMP + Security
Firewall + Balancing + Quality Assurance : Management of software
? Web server ? Multi webserver with L4 switch or Round Robin.
One domain with many IP ? Database server ? Master server and
backup server ? Linux server ? And backup and store. : Quality
Assurance ? Show data and prove that the system is good. ? Unit
Test. ? Load test. Our Starting Salary for Full Stack/Advance Level
of Web Developer Starts at minimum of 40,000 pesos per month.
Learning new things means more opportunity and advancements.

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